Hi! I'm Bit or or Jess or what ever other name you know me by.

I'm twenty, live in London, female, six foot tall, blonde haired, green eyed, pansexual, polyamorous, etc etc.

I'm a really big nerd, like, really big. I do what is probably an unhealthy amount of programming each and every day, both for fun and work. For fun I tend to stick to things like Python, web languages (HTML, JS, CSS) and Java (for Android), for work I tend to roam around .NET/VB and other Microsoft stuff. I like to think I'm a fairly skilled and eloquent programmer but that's probably biased. ^^

When not programming and, honestly, most of the time while programming, I'm listening to an extremely eclectic range of genres of music, mostly electronica but I venture into rap, soul, hiphop, rock, etc. Pretty much just what ever takes my fancy at the time.

I'm also a hackspace attender, a furry, an IRC addict, a Linux power user, a FOSS enthusiast, a freedom and LGBT activist and many, many more things.